La Greca Signature

Versace launched a new monogram, named La Greca Signature. A new take on the brand’s heritage Greek Key pattern in the form of a three-dimensional maze turned trompe l’oeil.

The Greca is the star of the FW21 campaign across all tiers. It acts as a key motif that
red-threads every tier together visually. Embodying both the contemporary and heritage as an iconic pattern, the Greca is heralded by the campaign as a key code within the house’s design language for the years to come.

To unveil the Fall Winter 2021 Collection, Donatella wants to create an immersive experience within the Greca pattern made in 3D, where the limits between perspectives and realities are blurred.

For FW21 campaign we will extend the narrative of the Greca set but this time laying on its side onto the floor where the models can interact in and around it. We have played with scale, treatments and references to highlight the intricacy, complexity and strength of the motif.

  • Featuring Betty Wu
  • Photographer Wang Ziqian
  • Director Song Huang
  • Ex. Creative Direction Enric Soldevila
  • Project lead Phil Gong
  • Agency Hypebeast
  • Designer and typography WeteOne
  • Art Direction, CGI & Post Production FORT
  • Project management Lynn Zhang
  • Stylist Edge Yang
The fifth dimension universe — First scenery drafts
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The Keyvisuals
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