Ballet Runner

The Loewe’s Ballet Runner is a lightweight sneaker with flexible and lateral elastics. It combines the construction of a dancer with the style of some 70’s tennis and we are happy to present it. The project contemplates three major elements, such as colors, materials, and the elasticity of the sneaker. These three elements were the main message to communicate respectively in the three different films.

  • ClientLoewe
  • Creative DirectorFORT
  • DateOctober - 2019
The Materials
The materials that build the sneaker (nylon, leather and suede) are the ones that create this genuine sneaker. We want to remark the materials considering their color and texture with the detail that Loewe has used to choose them. Macros of these materials are the ones composing the backgrounds of the video.
The Sneaker
The sneaker is the main character of the audiovisual production. The attention that Loewe’s has taken by designing and crafting this sneaker should be remarked along all of the different pieces. The way the product is shown, its shape and its movement will be the most attractive thing to display through the different videos.
The Colours