Versace Virtus Mini Watch

VERSACE joined hands together with Dani Lee, to present the new Versace Virtus Mini series of wrist watches. This classic timepiece boasts a green sunray dial enriched by a Barocco “V” in the middle, encircled by a delicate champagne case. The refined combination of crystal lights  together with shadows enable us to freeze the moment, while capturing time remains a mystery.
At We Are FORT, we really feel confortable when working with high-end luxury products. This was a great opportunity to embark in this project and work out the details of the wrist watch, so to help emphasise the concept of freezing time at it keeps passing.
  • Business Director: Phil Gong
  • Ex. Creative Director: Enric Soldevila
  • Account Manager: Evita Ren
  • Director: Jeremy Z. Qin
  • Producer: Xixi Nie
  • CGI Post - Production: FORT